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CR8C: EMBITTER — «1134»

The band's first full-length album is a natural result of the long-term creative searches of the lads from Warsaw. This is the label’s eight release.

Everything is relative, and this record is significantly higher in quality, presentation and depth than previous releases. Thanks to the tremendous experience of members who have previously played in bands such as INCITEMENT, HEATSEEKER and INSURRECTION, we have witnessed how metallic hardcore should sound in 2020. Contemporary but stylish. In some places there’s the spirit of the sincere 90s, but it’s relevant. Both music and the lyrics. A politicized message is full of empathy, pain and despair.

I know these guys in person. I know their kind hearts, their noble aspirations. I know how they perceive the reality of modern Polish society, I know what they are fighting with and for what. That is why I believe in their music, their lyrics, and that is why they were the first band to be released on the label, and now I am very proud to release them again.

Kuba — vocals;
Adam — guitar;
Irek — bass;
Jedrzej — drums;
Pawel — guitar.

All music and lyrics are written by EMBITTER in recent years.

Recorded at Tall Pine Studio & Wieloslad Studio.
Produced, Engineered, Mixed & Mastered by Satanic Audio.

The major release will be on 12" vinyl from a top London label The Coming Strife Records. A big shout out to Oli.

Artwork by Martyna Kostrzycka.
Design and layout of cassettes by Ivan Gladkich and Lioks Karbach.
August 2020.

A vestige, beyond the time.
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