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CR11C: GREEN MEADOW — «Dismal Walk»

— a record you can write a long prologue to or stay silent about, leaving a person alone while listening this personal story. It is just over thirteen minutes long, which fits into one night or into many sleepless nights that are similar to each other. Or maybe in numerous lonely, simillar, dismal walks.

An attempt to reflect on the loss, pain and triviality of life with its changeability, tragedy, acceptance of the temporality existance of everything. Based on true events.

All music was written by Aliaksiej Ružanski in 2018. All lyrics were written by Lioks Karbach in spring 2018 and summer 2021.

Lioks Karbach — vocals
Aliaksiej Ružanski — guitar
Uladź Liavonaŭ — bass
Ihar Biernikovič — drums

GM' are sincerely grateful to those, who were involved in this work and helped to document the «Dismal Walk»:

Anatoł Šmanaj — sound engineering at the Everest Studio; drums parts were performed by Ihar Biernikovič.

Jaŭhien Kuzniacoŭ — sound engineering at the Escape Studio; guitar parts were performed by Aliaksiej Ružanski, the bass part was performed by Uladź Liavonaŭ.

Maksim Atamančyk — sound engineering at the Everest Studio; vocal parts were performed by Lioks Karbach based on his own poetry.

Ihar Aŭčarenka — producing, mixing, mastering.

Author of the cover photo — Ihar One Choice; the person on the photo — Arciom Čarnaziom.

Photos of the band, as well as a photo of Green Meadow for booklet by Illia Studzienok.

Ivan Gladkikh — layout design of main cover, booklets and cassettes, attitude and professionalism.

Lioks Karbach — art direction and album production.

The album was recorded at the end of the summer in 2021, all members of the band express their gratitude to everyone who will take a dismal walk while listening this recording.

A vestige, beyond the time.
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