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RESURGAM "Harbinger to Anthems of Poisoned Souls" TAPE

RESURGAM "Harbinger to Anthems of Poisoned Souls" TAPE

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R7C: RESURGAM — «Harbinger to Anthems of Poisoned Souls»

«These three songs — the label’s seventh release — are just a harbinger or promo to the first full-length album which is certainly matures in our souls and minds.

The LP absorbed the best of our aspirations in the guise of musicians. Technically, they are not ashamed of anything, lyrically we did not lie in anything...» (с) Lioks Karbach

sincerely grateful to those, who were involved in this work:
recorded of drums, bass and vocals, mixed and mastered at EverestMedia, many thanks and much respect to Pavel Sinila;
recorded of guitars at Skullgrid Studio;
pre production and support by Ivan RFC;
artwork & identity by Ivan Gladkich.

Lioks Karbach — vocals
Mikita Khvalei — guitar
Yauhen Nikanovich — guitar
Mikita Pilets — bass
Ilya Miranenka — drums

A vestige, beyond the time.
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