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CR10C: RESURGAM — «Non Requiem» /reissue

«A special release in every sense, is coming out on the third Anniversary of the label's existence. It is the tenth in the catalog and the most important thing about this record, which we released ourselves on behalf of the band just before the first Eurotour in 2018, I have finally realized the need to create an independent label that will create the infrastructure of our community, our stage.

You will hear the same six tracks on this tape, the length is almost 23 minutes, without remastering or re-recording individual parts. It's probably hard for us to listen to these songs now, we play almost all of them at the concerts differently, but most of them we play no longer at all. In any case, this is the most important record and is fully embedded in our DNA as creators». Lioks Karbach

Lioks Karbach — vocals
Mikita Khvalei — guitar
Yauhen Nikanovich — guitar
Mikita Pilets — bass
Ilya Miranenka — drums

R' are sincerely grateful to those, who were involved in this work:
recorded of drums & vocals at EverestMedia;
recorded of guitars & bass at Skullgrid Studio;
mixed and mastered at Pandemic studio;
Usava Na for the original art;

Ivan Gladkikh for the redesign of booklets and cassettes, attitude and professionalism. Art Direction: Lioks Karbach.

All music and lyrics are written by RESURGAM in 2017.

A vestige, beyond the time.
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