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Cavalcade Records

VÓLAN "Citadel" TAPE

VÓLAN "Citadel" TAPE

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— new EP from the band from Moscow that was being recorded during autumn in Saint Petersburg. A different yet peculiar and slightly experimental style of music, which absorbs you instantly.

Heartfelt, sensual, meek lyrics, that for my taste is ideally combined with music and subtle reflection.

Sapphire in the label's roster.

All music was written by VÓLAN in 2021, all lyrics were written by Michaś Mikalajeŭ in 2021.

Michaś Mikalajeŭ — vocals
Jaŭhien Aŭčarenka — bass
Raman Liebin — guitar
Zmicier Andruchin — drums

Recorded, mixed and mastered at Dobrolet Studio by Piotr Ciernavy, Saint-Petesburg;

cover art by Mikita Harškoŭ and Ivan Gladkikh;
layout design of main cover, booklets and cassettes, artistic accompaniment of the release by Ivan Gladkikh;
art direction by Lioks Karbach.

A vestige, beyond the time.
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