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DETENTION "Remaining In Memory We Fall Into Eternity" TAPE

DETENTION "Remaining In Memory We Fall Into Eternity" TAPE

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CR15C: DETENTION  «Remaining In Memory We Fall Into Eternity»

— We are kicking off with this band another label chapter. Invasion Movement®. The label's first release in forced emigration or exile, whatever.
«Remaining In Memory We Fall Into Eternity» — the quintessence of what the band is all about. It was made despite any obstacles. It’s about the struggle. Eventually, it’s about fortune.

The songs don't have a unified canvas, and that's probably a good thing. They were written at different times, over the last five years, it was inspired by different scenes and genres. At some point, everyone involved in the process began to realize that the future record resembled a melting pot. This record is a combination of three eras in the genre, it's not classic metalcore with a reference to one of them.

An existential lyric, geographically born mostly in the subtropics, but giving off a cold feeling from the depths of the lungs of a man who has endured many trials in recent years. That's what everyone on our side has faced. This is the essence and the truth.

Anthony Burke was responsible for sound production. Hopefully, big things are coming for this band. Let’s see…
Track Listing:
1. «All Comets Fall In My Chest»
2. «No Remorse, No Sympathy»
3. «Death.Steel (Vol. 2)»
4. «Unspeakable Mistrust»
5. «With Cold Hands»
DETENTION are sincerely grateful to those, who were involved in this process:
Vocals & guitars recorded at the High-End Studio by Bahdan Šylovič in Batumi, Georgia.
Drums recorded at the Sound Studio 9 by Zmicier Bukin in Miensk, Belarus. 
Mixed and mastered by Anthony Burke at the dungeon in Margate, South Florida, US.
Special thanks: Mikita Chvaliej, Jaŭhien Žeška, Chryscina Kotovič, Lioks Karbach.

Original cover, design of booklets & cassettes: Ivan Hladkich
Creative directon & editorial design: Lioks Karbach
All songs written by DETENTION in 2018–2023.

A footprint beyond the time.
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